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The gift of Jennifer’s presence

Jennifer and her family are the most beautiful, wholesome and loving family I have met in my practice. I had the fortune to treat her with Massage Therapy for years before her diagnosis and with Reiki all throughout her Cancer experience. Together we taught each other many things about how the energy of light and love can heal the spirit both within ourself and for those connected to us. She could effectively describe how the Cancer looked in terms of colour and density… she always knew what was happening and where in her body.

I’m feel extremely blessed that Jennifer and her family kept me involved until the last few hours. She was confident that her spirit would not die and prayed her body would obey… although her physical body was exhausted and had to depart .. I truly believe her main goal was to inspire her wonderful husband and children to always believe in that which we cannot see.

Thank You Jennifer Cutler and you also Gary for the gifts of inspiration and insight. I have and will always use it to also help and inspire others in whatever healing journey they may be on.

Natasha Murthy
Natasha Murthy RMT

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